Happenings around the Dye House

Written by [email protected] on May 8, 2012 in Dye House News, Natural Dye Plants

Just to give you a peek of what is going on in the dyehouse.

There are three things on-going at the moment - dyeing for the new 10 coloured Shawlette from Cécile Balladino aka Eclectic Gipsyland; dyeing of some turkey-work wool for a project that has spanned 5 years for the Merchant's House in Marlborough, England and the endless job of keeping the crewel wool stock at a level that doesn't cause panic. Lampion is one of the Poll Dorset shades that will go into Cécile's new crochet shawl, this is made, among other things, with onion skins ...

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A Kaleidoscope of new kits and patterns

Written by [email protected] on March 6, 2012 in Dye House News

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News of our Woolly Happenings

Written by [email protected] on July 8, 2011 in Dye House News

Not many wool collections nowadays can boast that the shepherdess and the wool spinner can be seen in the same photograph, but here they are, Sheila the Shepherdess of the Organic Poll Dorset Flock and Carmine from Biella, The Wool Company, caught on camera at the historic moment of the loading of the last bale.

Loading of the last bale

A big THANK YOU to Nigel and Carmine of Biella the Wool Company for taking the time and milage to go and collect the wool. THAT is customer service for you! And of course thanks to Pete for driving the front loader! Last but not ...

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A Look at the Natural Dye Garden in May

Written by [email protected] on May 16, 2011 in Natural Dye Plants

A quick look at the dye garden on a dry May day. It hasn't rained here for weeks. The Cosmos and Coreopsis are waiting to be planted out, they are big enough already but with no rain in sight. I don't want to risk losing them.

The mass of fluffy foliage in the image below is the two woad plants I left to go to seed when I took the rest out earlier in the spring, the yellow flowers are almost gone and the tear-drop seeds are still this light fresh green that would look spectacular on a ...

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Natural dyeing year at Renaissance Dyeing seen from January

Written by [email protected] on Jan. 24, 2011 in Dye House News

We wish you all a happy, creative and colourful 2011.

I hope that you have not had too much snow and that if you have you have had enough wool to see you through it! If not you still have time to snatch some of our January offer, which is 20% off the Blue-faced Leicester collection. The discount code is BFL (in upper case).

Our year ahead is looking interesting, the first outing will be Isend 2011 just after Easter. Adriaan and me will be taking a stall and I will be doing a demonstration of surface dyeing of felt ...

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Knitting kits designed by Mary Lena Lynx

Written by [email protected] on July 23, 2010 in Dye House News

For those of you inspired to get out your needlework by the work of the Staircase Stitchers mentioned in the last newsletter, you might like to look further for inspiration and guidance from Mary Corbet, that great ambassadress of fine needlework. Mary writes a daily blog on her site: www.needlenthread.com where she shares her vast experience in all types of embroidery. There you will find over 50 video stitch tutorials, a tips and techniques section - take a look at this church embroidery project, a large selection of free hand embroidery patterns, a section on embroidery books and one ...

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There is something blue in the woodshed

Written by [email protected] on July 20, 2010 in Dye House News

Le Rentrée all over France is a time when the outdoor life is coming to a close and people start to settle back in their houses., children return to school, trailers of wood labour towards barns and the bureaucrats answer their telephones again. That is all of course if they are not on strike!

In the Ariège and all along the Pyrenées it is also the time of the transhumance, when the grazing animals are brought down from the high mountain pastures to their winter homes beside the farms. The village next to ours celebrates this event with a grand ...

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Kate Wallace - Designer for Knitnation

Written by [email protected] on July 10, 2010 in Dye House News

First I would like to share with you the latest news from the Staircase Stitchers.. it sounds exciting.. here is what Jane Dew has to say," After five inspiring years, of the Staircase Stitchers', 13 projects are rapidly being completed, two bed hangings are up, one more completed and three on frames! Glorious needlepoint cushion covers, both entirely needlepoint and four with "slips" are ready for making up and the dowry cupboard carpet in petit point is well over half done. It is all truly AMAZING!!

When I have time, after finishing making the bespoke feather cushions and the the ...

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Knitnation designers

Written by [email protected] on June 26, 2010 in Dye House News

It has been a while since the last blog post and much wool has passed through the dye vats since then, with just a month to go to the Knitnation 2010 expo I thought I had better let you know what was going on in the dye house.

Although our main product is still the embroidery threads, knitting has been occupying Tee and me for quite a while now as we dye and wind the wool for the kits the designers are finalising for Knitnation. Tee is a whirlwind of efficiency as she winds piles of precisely weighed hanks to ...

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Juliet Sargeant's Naturally Dyed Garden

Written by [email protected] on June 20, 2010 in Dye House News

Juliet Sargeant, the award winning garden designer has been visiting Renaissance Dyeing with a camera crew from the BBC's Gardener's World.

BBC filming Julet

After visiting my non-award winning garden and looking at the madder and woad plants there, Juliet had a go at naturally dyeing with woad, one of the plants that will be growing in her natural dye garden at the Hampton Court Flower Show.

Producer Richard Holmes and researcher Simon Rice are zooming around the garden exhibitors filming for their special Hampton Court Flower Show edition of Gardener's World which will be broadcast on Friday July 10th ...

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