Hello, you have found the list of the events we will be attending or hosting in the next few months. Wool shows, natural dyeing workshops, natural dyeing symposiums, etc. I will try and keep it in chronological order - earliest at the top. Scroll down to view the year ahead. Big thanks to Simon for making this possible.

  • September 23-24, Lyon (69) Moments de Libération du Fil. We will be setting off with our stand for an exciting week-end in Lyon. See you at 58 Rue Victor Lagrange, 69007 Lyon, France!

  • October 7-8?, Lauris (84) Week-end of the international Forum of Natural Dyeing.. more news to follow

  • October 27-29 Felletin (23) Journees National de la Laine The great woolly gathering.

  • November 11-12 Chazelles sur Lyon (42) le salon Laine et Soie with La Toison d'Art. This takes place in a wonderful hat museum. More details to be announced.

  • December 2-3 (31) La fete de la Laine at Montbrun-Bocage.

  • Phew!