Hello, you have found the list of the events we will be attending or hosting in the next few months. Wool shows, natural dyeing workshops, natural dyeing symposiums, etc. I will try and keep it in chronological order - earliest at the top. Scroll down to view the year ahead. Big thanks to Simon for making this possible.

  • July 22-23, Cuzals Ecomusée (46) Le Festival le Lot et La Laine. What a treat, an outdoor museum packed full with 60 stalls of woolly delights, lots of convivial people, hot sun and in the evening a dip in a fresh river.. bliss.

  • July 31- August 2, Montbrun-Bocage (31) Three day natural dyeing workshop as part of a week of workshops around colour.

  • August 21-25, at my atelier at Montbel d'en Bas (09) Five day natural dyeing workshop. A wide-scope workshop covering all you need to know to naturally dye the famous Renaissance Dyeing range.. we will however limit ourselves to about 32 colours! You will find more information in the link above. THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL. THERE ARE STILL PLACES AT THE WORKSHOP ABOVE.

  • September 23-24, Lyon (69) Moments de Libération du Fil. We will be setting off with our stand for an exciting week-end in Lyon!

  • October 7-8?, Lauris (84) Week-end of the international Forum of Natural Dyeing.. more news to follow

  • October 27-29 Felletin (23) Journees National de la Laine The great woolly gathering.

  • November 11-12 Chazelles sur Lyon (42) le salon Laine et Soie with La Toison d'Art. This takes place in a wonderful hat museum. More details to be announced.

  • December 2-3 (31) La fete de la Laine at Montbrun-Bocage.

  • Phew!