Oak Brown

Written by [email protected] on Nov. 2, 2020 in Dye House News, Natural Dye Plants

When we first moved to the Ariége in France we were lucky enough to have as our neighbour Madame G. Approaching her ninetieth year she wasn't too happy at first to receive these strangers as neighbours but we were nearly as wise as she was and knew that if we wanted to know and grow in this totally new area we simply needed to ask Madame G how she did it. Different climate, soil and even weeds would have floored us without her deep knowledge and aid. We lived happily together for nearly 10 more years before she parted ...

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Tons d'été

Written by [email protected] on July 9, 2020 in Bulletin, competition, Events, Markets, merinos d'arles

J'espère sincèrement que vous allez tous bien et que les derniers mois ont été gérables et continueront de l'être.

Friandises d'été

Verdir la chaîne élisabéthaine, comme si elle n'était pas assez verte! Nous offrons, jusqu'à épuisement des stocks, un supplément écheveau de vert gratuitement avec la gamme élisabéthaine.

De plus, Adriaan a "organisé"un petit cadeau de 2 paquets de 6 couleurs différentes de laine de dentelle / crewel pour vous. Vous pouvez tout lire à ce sujet et comment participer sur le blog.

Nouveau Kit de Pull

Pendant que vous êtes sur le blog, jetez ...

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Summer Jottings 2020

Written by [email protected] on July 7, 2020 in competition, Dye House News, Events, Markets, merinos d'arles, newsletter

I sincerely hope this finds you all well and that the last few months have been manageable and will continue to be so.

Summer Treats

Greening the Elizabethan Range , as if it wasn't green enough! We are offering, while stocks last, an extra skein of green for free with the Elizabethan Range.

Also, Adriaan has 'organised' a little giveaway of 2 packs of 6 different colours of the crewel / lace-weight wool for you. You can read all about it and how to enter on the blog.

New Sweater Kit

While you are on the blog have a look at ...

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Adriaan's Giveaway

Written by [email protected] on July 7, 2020 in competition, Dye House News, Lace Knitting

English at the bottom!

Ce n'est pas très souvent qu'Adriaan fait une erreur. Cette semaine, il en a fait un petit. Ils disent que le signe d'un artisan qualifié est qu'ils peuvent s'adapter à n'importe quel revers du processus.

Voici donc la solution d'Adriaan. Nous allons donner le problème.

Ce qui s'est passé, c'est que des écheveaux de 25 m ont été enroulés sur la machine à bobiner avec un diamètre trop large, ils sont donc trop gros !!

Adriaan les a divisés en deux groupes et nous vous les proposerons. Laissez ...

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Story of a sweater

Written by [email protected] on May 31, 2020 in Bulletin, Dye House News, La Laine, merinos d'arles, Natural Dye Plants

The stunning Lady and the Unicorn tapestries at the Musee de Cluny in Paris were created in about 1500 using wool and natural dyes such as madder, woad and weld. They are believed to represent the five senses. Each one features a lady and her maidservant, a unicorn, a lion and numerous small birds and animals, as well as trees and plants. The background colour is red, dyed with madder, which has not noticeably faded in all the five hundred varied years since the tapestries were woven. This is a remarkable testament to the durability of natural dyes. Sections of ...

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Newsletter de février

Written by [email protected]gmail.com on Jan. 31, 2020

Atelier Exploration des colorants naturels 2020

Juste pour faire savoir à ceux d'entre vous qui sont intéressés par l'atelier de teinture d'été 2020 que je loue un gîte dans notre petit hameau pour l'hébergement. Il pourra accueillir jusqu'à 8 d'entre vous, à 50 pas (peut-être 60) de l'atelier et à environ 100 longues enjambées du lac. Vous pouvez le voir en ligne ici

L'idée est de fournir de la nourriture et un hébergement à un prix raisonnable et d'impliquer nos voisins dans tout le shebang. Marianne assurera donc le logement et ...

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February news. Workshop and wrapping up.

Written by [email protected] on Jan. 29, 2020

Exploring Natural Dyes workshop 2020

Just to let those of you who are interested in the 2020 summer dyeing workshop know that I am renting a gite in our little hameau for accommodation. It will be able to accommodate up to 8 of you, is 50 paces (maybe 60) from the atelier and about 100 long strides from the lake. You can see it on line here

The idea is to provide food and accommodation at a reasonable price and involve our neighbours in the whole shebang. So Marianne will provide the housing and Laetitia will look after your meals ...

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Bulletin du Nouvel An 2020

Written by [email protected] on Jan. 10, 2020 in Bulletin, Events, La Laine, Poll Dorset

Nous souhaitons une 2020 colorée, paisible et saine à tous nos chers clients.

Un grand merci pour votre soutien à notre petite entreprise artisanale, il est très apprécié d'autant plus que nous ne sommes pas toujours aussi chauds sur les réseaux sociaux.

Il y a peu de nuances du Merinos d'Arles à un prix inférieur pour vous aider à démarrer à une nouvelle année naturelle et chaleureuse.

Voici un bref aperçu de certaines des choses que nous ferons en 2020.

Punchneedle Nous vendons des kits d'aiguilles de poinçon depuis plusieurs années maintenant, depuis que nous nous sommes ...

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Exploring Natural Dyes workshop 2020

Written by [email protected] on Dec. 31, 2019 in Dye House News, Events, La Laine, Natural Dye Plants, Poll Dorset, workshops

A 4 day workshop in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

En français ci-dessous.

A totally hands-on , even up to your elbows, plant dyeing workshop.

What will you be dyeing?

Mostly wool, either our French sourced Poll Dorset or the fine merino Lace-weight. But also this year a piece of antique linen for making a tote bag or cushion, French and very local of course.

With what will you dye it?

We will first be using the dye stuffs that have been tried and tested over the centuries, that is madder, weld and woad or indigo.

Then in our 'what happens ...

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New Year 2020 Newsletter

Written by [email protected] on Nov. 18, 2019 in Dye House News, Events, Markets, newsletter, Poll Dorset, workshops

We wish a colourful, peaceful and healthy 2020 to all our dear customers.

A big thank you for supporting our little artisan business, it is greatly appreciated especially as we are not always so hot on social media.

There are few shades of the Merinos d'Arles at a lower price to help you kick off to a warm natural New Year.

Here is a brief whizz through some of the things we will be making and doing in 2020.

Punchneedle We have sold punch-needle kits for quite a few years now, ever since we teamed up with the talented ...

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