New mediaeval embroidery challenge

Written by [email protected] on Sept. 25, 2007 in Your Gallery

For those of you interested in Mediaeval Embroidery, here is an inspiring challenge.

The Something to Keep you Warm Embroidery Challenge II

It is the daughter of the Walling Hanging Challenge being completed by Racaire and Anya.

There are some very interesting links on these sites, have a look around.

The challenge will run from September 2007 - September 2008.

In their own words:

"This time around we decided on a more ahem useful theme for the project! Embroidered items can include hats, gloves, blankets, stockings, cloaks, anything that you use to keep you warm. These and the embroidery on them should be researched and documented as well as possible, as we are interested in promoting research just as much as the embroidery itself!..."

Anyone wishing to undertake the challenge and use Renaissance Dyeing crewel wool in any way, will get 15% discount.

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