Thanksgiving Shawl kit in madder

Written by [email protected] on Feb. 19, 2008 in Dye House News, Lace Knitting

In case you were wondering about the prolonged silence coming from Renaissance Dyeing, it is because I have been away teaching in Ruskin Mill in England for 6 weeks.

I am celebrating my return to the soft Pyrenean pastures with a new Thanksgiving shawl kit in shades of madder, for the same price as the indigo kit, that is €65,00.

Thanksgiving Shawl in Madder

Madder is a root which has been used for dyeing reds, pinks, corals and browns for millennium. It is the source of all those gorgeous reds and browns in Persian rugs. Madder is very fast to light and washing.

Our Thanksgiving Madder Kit contains 5 shades of Madder from Pale Orange to Red Brown and the neutral Ivory shade which is dyed with Oak.

I have knitted this border sample myself so please excuse the occasional mistake. I took the opportunity to experiment a bit (dyers' trait I'm afraid) and have tried a few variations of shade in the Dark Peach rows just to see how the colours look when broken up a bit more.

You of course are free to follow the pattern or do your own experimenting either with the Indigo or Madder kits or with colours of your own choice.

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