Naturally dyed mohair / silk yarn

Written by [email protected] on Sept. 19, 2008 in Dye House News

You can see the results of a bit of tricky natural dyeing on the Bergers Cathares web-site. Five naturally dyed shades on a wonderfully soft yarn of mohair spun on a silk central thread.

Here is a picture of the 5 shades before they were packed off to the farm.

Mohair Hanks

The dyeing proved difficult as the mohair is so fine it felts very easily and had to be heated up from cool temperatures to simmer very slowly and carefully, given lots of room in the dye bath, leading to smaller dye lots and moved with extreme care through all the ...

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Naturally dyed sock yarn

Written by [email protected] on Sept. 11, 2008 in Dye House News

In case anyone thought that Renaissance Dyeing was dragging its feet regarding sock yarn, tis not so! It is in the pipe line or should I say in the vats. Here is a sneak preview of the De Nimes shades airing after just coming out of the indigo vat.

Sock Yarn Airing

Our naturally dyed sock collection will feature:

  • Two types of machine washable yarn:
    • A 100% pure merino, tightly spun for strength.
    • A super soft mixture of merino, silk and bamboo with a small percentage of nylon to give strength and durability.
  • Both solid and variegated shades, so people can combine, mix ...

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