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Written by [email protected] on Aug. 18, 2009 in Dye House News

After a couple of long dyeing sessions there are always the inevitable shades that don't match up to the colours on the range. Sometimes these can be re-dyed but often the colours are so nice it seems a pity not to offer them to you at a reduced price.

There are now a few new shades up on the sales page, some of which are a result of the reaction between the ph of the local water and the logwood dye.

Logwood has a very narrow ph window in which it gives a good blue purple, shift the ph too far one way and the blue disappears. Shift it even further and all the dye spectrum disappears! I've learned not to do that but it was fun experimenting. The Aubergine shade below is just a little too red.

125g Hank Aubergine

One of the shades on the sale page at the moment (Mistral) was the result of me answering the telephone and the conversation keeping me from turning the wool in an iron bath, which resulted in a wonderful non-even dye grey.

125g Hank Ging

Ging (above) was a result of just a bit too much madder in an onion skin dye bath.

The 125 g hanks are almost the equivalent of 6 x 250 m smaller hanks.

There will be a steady trickle of new odd shades in the next few months.

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Dodile on 08/21/2009 7:01 a.m.

So so nice!

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