Socks from Renaissance Dyeing Yarn

Written by [email protected] on Dec. 29, 2009 in Your Gallery

Voila! Socks knitted by Polly Van Bremmel using the bluefaced Leicester - Iris, here is what she has to say about the pattern she used and the yarn.

Polly's Monkeys

The pattern I used as reference is by Cookie A. called "Monkeys." I say referenced, because I made quite a few modifications: toe up (vs. cuff down), no purls (knitted these sts), no yo's (unique left and right leaning increases so pattern "swirls" better, without any yo holes).

I knitted them with a size 2.25 mm/100 cm circular (for 2 at a time). Also, when I make socks, I make the gusset increases on the bottom of the foot, so the gusset area looks a liittle different than a standard gusset.

I love these socks, the BFL is so wonderful, and the color you produced is outstanding! The depth/intricacy is amazing. I am excited in my anticipation of more socks with this yarn!

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Winter on 04/03/2010 6:28 p.m.

Dear Polly,
Can you share how you do the gusset increases on the bottom of the foot? I've been working on this and have not yet perfected it. Yours look great. If this is ok, I would only need a general intructional, as I am familiar with several sock tecniques.
Thank you sincerely, Winter

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