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First I would like to share with you the latest news from the Staircase Stitchers.. it sounds exciting.. here is what Jane Dew has to say," After five inspiring years, of the Staircase Stitchers', 13 projects are rapidly being completed, two bed hangings are up, one more completed and three on frames! Glorious needlepoint cushion covers, both entirely needlepoint and four with "slips" are ready for making up and the dowry cupboard carpet in petit point is well over half done. It is all truly AMAZING!!

When I have time, after finishing making the bespoke feather cushions and the the covers, I will try very hard to make up a cd-rom to send to you of all the images. the density and depth of the colours rival stained glass!"

We are all waiting with bated breath Jane! Going to have to come and see it some time soon!

Today's designer is Kate Wallace. I met Kate through Ravelry, I can't remember exactly how now but the glue was our common interest in natural dyes and knitting, of course. Kate dyes on the other side of the world with dye plants some of which I have never heard of.

Amazed by Kate's knitting and dyeing skills it was her I first asked to design something for Knitnation. You can see some of her work on her blog A Knitters Natter, there are lots of lovely photos of the Roman de la Rose Socks and Tam as well as dozens of other beautiful berets and socks.

Roman de la Rose Socks and Tam

Kate, an Australian living in New Zealand has been knitting since she was 3 years old! Her knitting and natural dyeing experience is vast and she choose our new Organic Poll Dorset 4 ply to design the delightful pair of Roman de la Rose socks and matching Tam.

The pattern includes an excerpt from the Roman de la Rose story and Kate has this to say about the colours "All the dyes used in this tam and the matching socks would have been used at the time the Romance of the Rose was written. The beautiful colours bring to mind paintings of medieval scenes, particularly gatherings of men and women setting out on horseback for a day’s merry making."

Roman de la Rose Socks and Tam

Having some wool left over Kate knitted a second colour way of the Roman de la Rose socks which will also be available in kit form.

I should perhaps add the Kate has also found time to test knit the Saraste Shrug in purple and what we have affectionately been referring to as UT2, more of that in the next newsletter! Time is sparse at the moment, lots of winding and still some dyeing to do., but I occasionally post on the new Facebook page so if you want to keep up to date and have a Facebook account have a peek at Renaissance Dyeing's Facebook page.

Roman de la Rose Socks and Tam

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