Natural Dyeing course in Italy

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I have just returned and am still glowing from the natural dyeing course I was asked to give at the parco della villa Piazzo Pettinengo, near Biella, Italy by The Wool Box. I love Italy and especially this northern corner where my wool is so expertly spun. This workshop experience was good I think for everybody, the organisation was eager and friendly and deliciously Italian, the venue and organic food were superb and everyone involved, organisers, staff and students were warm, interested and relaxed as only Italians (and some from England) can be. AND the sun shone for us for the first time in what seems months!

Every method possible was used to wind skeins for the mordanting and dyeing process. When giving a workshop like this I like to start at the beginning so that people can really dye confidently by themselves at home.

A delicious lunch was provided by Marina who runs the villa café. She is not only a wonderful cook and thoughtful hostess but a very accomplished natural dyer herself.

Lots of mordanted skeins ready for the pot, but which way is it?

Emilio, course organiser and human madder mincer, with Linda his right hand lady.

Its amazing how many different colours you can get out of one dye vat.

I will be going back sometime in September to do some indigo dyeing with an organic vat. If you are interested let Emilio know and he will give you details when the dates are clarified.

The Cornice Shawl

Unfortunately there has been some confusion over the tension of the Cornice shawl. There are some mistakes in the pattern and The Knitter magazine has now posted a correction here. The main problem as far as the use of our wool is concerned is that the tension should read the other way around. So the original pattern lists 44sts and 22 rows in garter stitch to 10cm. It should be 22 sts and 44 rows in garter stitch to 10cm! The offer on the wool for this shawl which was available to Knitter readers will be ending on June 14th.

The Lotus Shawls

Monique Boonstra of Kantwerk has designed two lovely sister shawls for us which will be available in kit form through the web-site soon.

The one on the left will be offered with 2 x 250m of the merino fine lace-weight of your choice and the one on the left is knitted with 100gms of 4ply/fingering Blue-faced Leicester. The French kits will be available from our stand at Le Lot et La Laine, 13th and 14th July.

A bientôt

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