A Recipe of Earth's Colours

Written by [email protected] on May 7, 2015 in Dye House News, Natural Dye Plants

That the earth can produce such colours still amazes me after so many years. These colours have been produced by just a few plants.

  • Weld for the basic yellows and the foundation of the greens and turquoises.

  • Madder for the terracottas and browns.

  • The insect cochineal for the pink that is the first layer of the purple.

  • Finally indigo to transform the yellows and pink into turquoise, green and purple.

  • A few grams of alum, cream of tartar and iron and you have a rainbow.

  • Mineral, plant, animal and man or in my case woman.

  • Earth, water, fire and air.

  • and gratitude.

P.S These hanks are now on their way across the skies to a designer who will work them into an earth embracing shawl.

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