Hugelkultur - last phase

Written by [email protected] on Jan. 6, 2017 in Natural Dye Plants

The finished wood layer, in total including that under the ground, the pile of mixed rotten and new wood is probably about 80cm high

Next we covered the pile with compost collected from the local recycling centre. We took time to push it down into the gaps so that the pile is as solid as possible and won't collapse too quickly. We hope.

Before putting on the next layer we watered it well as the wood needs moisture to start to ferment.

The final layers of well rotted compost to sustain the first years growth and then a 10cm layer of mixed leaves and grass and the hugel is ready for its spring activity. We are still waiting for the first rain to bed it down a bit.

We will see how this works, hopefully it will retain moisture in our dry garden and also after the first year provide a self fertilising vegetable bed for up to two decades.

But we are already pondering the digging of a deep trench in which to bury old and new wood in order to grow madder. The wood will need to be far below as madder will not like the acidity generated by the fermentation and the soil and leaf layer will need to be quite deep so that the madder roots have room to grow well. Another .. we will see!

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Marianne van der Tas

Marianne van der Tas on 01/14/2017 6:16 p.m.

I am going to try and make a hugel too Andie, at the allotment!
Thank you.

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