Le Bulletin Juin 2017

Written by [email protected] on June 13, 2017 in competition, Dye House News, Events, Markets, Natural Dye Plants, workshops

Juin embellit le sol et métamorphose le jardin de colorants dans une palette de teinture. Ici, vous pouvez jeter un coup d'oeil sur certaines plantes du jardin de teintures en ce moment . Ces graines de guède radiants donneront non seulement la culture de guède prochaines années, mais aussi donner cette belle violet foncé à la laine ou de tissu.

J'essaie de gérer le jardin de colorants afin qu'il soit en excellente condition pour l'atelier de teinture à la fin du mois d'août, la météo fait un défi intéressant. Je suis sur le point de récolter ...

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Dye garden in June 2017

Written by [email protected] on June 5, 2017 in Dye House News, Natural Dye Plants

A quick tour of the dye-garden as it is at the moment on 5th June 2017; naming plant, uses and colours.

Judas tree pods give a lovely orange tinged eco-print and their roots if you ever dare dig them up give a red dye.

Dyers Chamomile (Anthemis tinctoria) producing a warmer yellow than weld on all fibres, good for solar dyeing and eco-printing.

Dyers Greenwood (Genista tinctoria) Good yellow dye on all fibres, handy for eco-printing

Garland Chrysanthemum (Glebionis coronaria) Yet another abundant source of yellow, gives a warm yellow to orange dye, great for solar dyeing and eco-printing

Goldenrod ...

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June 2017 Newsletter

Written by [email protected] on June 5, 2017 in Dye House News, Events, Natural Dye Plants

June lovely June, beautifies the ground and metamorphoses the dye garden from potential to actual dye palette. Here you can take a peek at some of the plants in the dye garden at the moment. These radiant woad seeds will not only give next years woad crop but also give that beautiful deep purple to wool or cloth.

I try to manage the dye garden so that it is in top condition for the natural dye workshop at the end of August, the weather makes this an interesting challenge. I am about to harvest all the Garland Chrysanthemum flowers and ...

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