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New fermentation dyed yarn up on web-site. These limited editions are fermented itogether with madder root and weld and then later dipped in the indigo vat. Because of the method involved there are only 12 hanks in this latest Merinos d'Arles edition, which because of its earthy and fiery tones we have named Lava. You will find it at the bottom of the Batches and Bundles page

An increasing number of people are using our naturally dyed wools for punchneedling (is there a verb - 'to punchneedle' I wonder?) In particular the fine crewel wool lends itself to punchneedling, having 100 naturally dyed colours. Imagine all the colour combinations one could make with that if using two strands.

We are at present working with a French designer to increase the range of our punchneedle range kits

Phillipa Turnbull of The Crewel Work Company is using our naturally dyed fine crewel wool for some of her work. This month she has launched 3 charming Redwork kits which use our cochineal dyed crewel yarn. The one below is called [Redwork Parrot}(https://www.crewelwork.com/collections/redwork-kits) and there is an offer open until June 30th.

Looking for other ways to find our wool?

1) Many of you know that we live in a very beautiful part of France, in the Ariege next to Lac de Montbel, often people pop in to buy wool while they are on holiday or they live nearby. To make this easy for all of us we have decided to try to be here and have the 'shop' open on:-

  • Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons 14.30 - 17.00 hr

  • Saturday mornings 10-12.30 hr.

However it is always best to email beforehand see contact page as sometimes we are doing other things and at the end of August we might even go on holiday! Telephoning is not too good with us as neither of us have a telephone in our workshops!

2) Have a look at our outlets page you might well find something near you or a source of wool in your own country at least.

3) Then there are the shows we go to. Our next one is August 15th, 16th and 17th at the 20th edition of Fête du Fil, Labastide Rouairoux. Keep up with us on our events page.

Short url: https://bit.ly/2WRIBQc

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