Natural dye extracts

Natural Dye extracts enable you to do your own natural dyeing, on threads, textiles, fibres, leather, wood and paper.

Renaissance Dyeing natural dye extracts are:

  • Very concentrated, water-soluble, inter-mixable and simple to use.
  • Carefully selected for their dye content and ecological footprint.

You will need 25-50 g for dark shades on 500 g alum mordanted wool and silk, twice that amount for cellulose fibres, less for lighter shades.

Re-using the same bath will result in a succession of lighter shades.

Scroll down and click on the dye names below for further information about each dye extract.

Natural indigo pigment image

Natural indigo pigment

Logwood natural dye extract image

Logwood natural dye extract - 25g

14,00 €

Weld natural dye extract image

Weld natural dye extract - 25g

10,75 €

Chestnut dye extract image

Chestnut dye extract - 25g

4,50 €