• A Supported Holiday
    Holiday in the South of France for those in need of a little support.

  • Apricot Web Solutions
    Apricot web designs provide a wide range of affordable web services for small businesses and individuals, ranging from web site design to internet marketing, search engine optimization and affordable custom built content management systems.

  • Bergers Cathares
    Bergers Cathares farm and produce fine mohair yarn, here in the Ariege, France. Some of their mohair/slik yarn is naturally dyed by Renaissance Dyeing.

  • Buttercup Miniatures
    For 1/12th and 1/24th scale miniature knitting and miniature crochet patterns.

  • Craftsite Directory
    Lots of craft directions.

  • Ready to wear (1640s style)
    Lively blog about the kit and clothes of a UK seventeenth century Civil War reenactment group.

  • Ninya Mikhaila - Historical Costumier
    Ninya Mikhaila supplies high quality reproduction costumes that help to bring history to life.

  • Lyn Griffiths- Felt Maker
    Lyn not only excels in making her own felt, but teaches it to others.

  • Natural Dyes International
    An international nonprofit organized to research natural dyes and pigments, share information and educate the public about the history use of these natural materials..

  • Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread
    A wonderfully vibrant site on crewel embroidery including a lively blog aaround Mary's creative crewel work and lots of tips and links.

  • Parna
    Antique vintage linen, hemp and embroidery plus other artisan made products.

  • Saith Ffynnon Wildlife Plants
    Wonderful people from Wales who sell dye plants and seeds.

  • Woad from Teresinha Robert's
    All about woad. Its history, cultivation, preparation and use of the dye and more.

  • The woad center
    Specialist woad growers, woad indigo pigment producers, woad dyers and luxurious woad-dyed textile retailers in the UK.