Batch of 100gm Lace-weight - Folia

Product is currently not available!
  • Merino fine lace-weight, 2/24, pure traceable wool

  • 100gm / 1190m (1300yd/3.52oz)

  • dyed with weld and indigo.

  • there are only two available.

Our celebrated fine worsted lace weight yarn is spun especially for us in Biella, Italy. It is a 24/2 worsted 100% fine grade Merino lambswool with wonderful handle and an astonishing resistance to thinning and 'fluffing'. The yarn is hand dyed using plant dye stuff.

Our hand dyed wool is suitable for all types of hand embroidery, lace-knitting, tapestry weaving, weaving and creative textile work.

We recommend that you wash the 2/24 lace weight yarn in a cold wool machine cycle or you can wash by hand. Always wash naturally dyed wool separately.