Chestnut dye extract - 25g

4,50 €

The pack consists of 25 g of Chestnut natural dye extract and instructions on basic immersion dyeing on wool. These are sent to you via e-mail as a pdf together with your confirmation of purchase e-mail.

The Chestnut (Castanea sativa) is a tree native to Southern Europe and used historically for tanning leather as well as dyeing textiles.

This natural dye extract is produced in France using procedures that respect the environment and comply with organic textile certifications (Ecocert, Oekotex, Soil Association).

The samples in the image are all mordanted with alum and dyed in the same dye bath, they are from left to right:-

Wool (with iron after-bath), Wool/silk, Wool, Silk and Cotton. The variation in shade of the last two skeins is produced by changing the pH of the water.