Chlorophylle natural dye extract - 20g

24,90 €

The pack consists of 20 g of Chlorophylle dye extract and instructions which will be e-mailed to you.

Our Chlorophylle natural dye extract is made from nettles and spinach and is so safe it can be used as a food colouring. As can be seen in the image it gives various shades of green. You can obtain an endless palette of greens by either adding a yellow dye extract such as weld or dipping in a woad or indigo dye vat.

The plants for this natural dye extract are grown in the Poitou-Charentes area of France.

This natural dye extract is produced using procedures that respect the environment and comply with organic textile certifications (Oekotex and Soil Association).

The samples in the image are all mordanted with alum, they are from left to right:-

A silk' hankie', Wool, Wool, Silk, Silk and a painted sock.