Cochineal natural dye extract - 20g

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The pack consists of 20 g of Cochineal natural dye extract and instructions which will be e-mailed to you as a pdf.

Cochineal is a scale insect that feeds on the nopal cactus in arid areas of Mexico, Peru, Chile and the Canary Islands.

Cochineal is one of our most concentrated dyes - only a very small amount is needed to dye deep shades of fuchsia to raspberry. Cochineal is not sensitive to temperature like Madder but it is pH sensitive, and it is possible to shift its color to scarlet with the addition of a little lemon juice. Use distilled water for dyeing if you live in a hard water area to obtain brightest shades.

This natural dye extract is produced in France using procedures that respect the environment and comply with organic textile certifications (Ecocert, Oekotex, Soil Association).

The samples in the image are all mordanted with alum, they are from left to right:-

Linen and unbleached hemp, Wool, Wool with woad, Silk, Wool and Wool (with vinegar).