Hall of Fire Tam - PDF pattern (Download)

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Another astoundingly beautiful tam or beret designed by Kate Wallace.

I sent Kate a multi-coloured batch of Organic Poll Dorset wool a few months back and she has used 9 of them, 3 blues, 3 madders, 2 yellows and naturelle, to design this stunning tam. A colour workers dream and warm and cosy into the bargain.

This tam was inspired by the Rivendell film set in the movie “The Fellowship of the Ring”. The gabled roof had an art nouveau triangular design that I thought would translate well into a tam. I used the autumnal colours that were so evocative in the movie. The kit consists of a 6 page pattern which includes 2 coloured charts and the nine colours needed to complete the pattern. Although we have added a generous amount of each colour, careful swatching is advised. There is an extra amount of naturelle provided for you to swatch with.

Needles: - 40 cm 2.75 mm/size 12 circular - 60 cm 3.25 mm/size 10 circular - 1 set of five double pointed needles 3.25 mm/size 10

The Hall of Fire- "Except on high days it usually stands empty and quiet, and people come here who wish for peace, and thought." JRR Tolkien.