Logwood natural dye extract - 25g

14,00 €

The pack consists of 25 g of Logwood extract and instructions.

Logwood extract (Haemotoxylum campechianum) has been used for centuries to produce blue, violet, grey and black tones.

Temperature and alkalinity of the dye-bath greatly affect the colours produced. Try adding a VERY little lye or washing soda to your dye-bath and see what happens! For clear colours with Logwood keep the temperature below 70°C.

The Logwood for this natural dye extract is grown in the Bay of Campêche in Mexico.

The natural dye extract is produced in France by Couleurs de Plantes using procedures that respect the environment and comply with organic textile certifications (Ecocert, Oekotex, Soil Association).

The samples in the image are all mordanted with alum and dyed in the same dye bath. They are from left to right:-

Silk, Wool (with iron after-bath), Wool, Wool, Wool and Linen.