Main range

89,00 €

You can buy individual skeins of 25m 250m and some 100g here.

Our main range contains 75 skeins of fine crewel thread of 25 metres each. Each small skein weighs approximately 2.3 gms. The mordants and dyestuffs used are vegetable, mineral and cochineal.

Please note that if you are looking for the kit of Kieran Foley's Renaissance Stripes which is this main range with 2 extra 'pinks' added. you can find it here.

The yarn is a fine (2/24) merino lambswool of high quality and durability. As it is spun from long strands of lambs-wool it is strong but has a soft handle and an exceptional gentle sheen for a 100% wool.

The harmonious naturally dyed colours blend perfectly so that different shades of this fine crewel yarn can be mixed together giving a unique vibrancy and individual touch to your work, whether it be crewel embroidery, cross-stitch, tapestry, needlepoint, free style embroidery, lace knitting or weaving.

The number of hand dyed shades in this embroidery thread range is far below the number in a chemically dyed range of yarns. Natural dyes harmonies much better. One does not need to spend time "matching" colours. William Morris, the great 19th Century British designer, used natural dyes, in a very small number of colours in his vast tapestries. (seen at a wonderful centenary exhibition in London in 1996.) Jan Messent, in her beautiful reconstruction of the missing panel of the Bayeux Tapestry, and as a result of her meticulous research, only used 14 of our hand dyed shades.

To give you an idea of the count of the hand dyed yarn, some cross stitch users work 3 strands in a 14s canvas. But please do not treat this as a law! No two embroiderers are the same.