Oak Gall natural dye extract - 25g

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The pack consists of 25 g of Oak Gall extract and instructions. You will be sent a download link on checkout.

Oak Galls are the result from the puncture of the bark of the young twigs of an Oak tree by the female Gallwasp, Cynips Gallae-tinctoriae, who lays its eggs inside.

Oak Galls are very high in tannin and are therefore good for producing true blacks, greys and buffs as well as "saddening" other dyes. Their high tannin content also makes them ideal for use on cellulose fibres.

This Oak Gall extract was produced in France, by Couleurs de Plantes.

The samples in the image are all mordanted with alum and dyed in the same dye bath, an iron after-bath produced the blacks. They are from left to right:-

Wool, Wool, Silk and Linen.