Ondine by Hélène Marcy

Hélène has used the merino fine lace-weight worked double: the result is very soft, with a wonderful drape, so ideal for making large shawls that will wind in many ways.

The stripes alternate between foam stitch and jersey stitch, with a gradient of sea blue that is inserted between the green stripes. We get changing reflections depending on the direction of the stripes, like water flowing from your shoulders ...

The border is made from an old pattern, with nopes. You will be able to make your own colour combination by choosing from our wide range of 100 colours of lace-weight.

Dimensions after blocking:

192cm wide x 90cm high (76ins x 36ins) at the tip

Sample after blocking.

10 cm in stripes (2 rows jersey, 2 rows foam) = 24 m x 40 rows.


  • Circular needle - 3.75 mm

  • 1 hook 3mm if you make the nopes of the border with a hook

  • 4 markers

  • A wool needle to sew in the threads

Stitches used

  • Garter stitch: every row knit

  • Stocking stitch: 1 row knit, 1 row purl

  • Increases

  • Lace border - see grid

The kit consists of:-

  • A pattern in French only at the moment of 6 pages, with written explanations plus the grids for the lace border.

  • 100 g Lace-weight merinos in 1419 - Apple green.

  • 250m Lace-weight merinos in 1419 - Apple green.

  • 250m Merino-weight in 1608 - Light turquoise

  • 250m Lace-weight merinos in 1609 - Medium turquoise

  • 250m Lace-weight merinos in 1610 - Dark turquoise

Possible substitution:

Any combination of colours in our wide range of lace yarn: a skein of 100 g for the main colour and 4 skeins of 250m for the contrasting colours.