Poll Dorset 4 x 25 g - L'Ombre

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100 g of naturally dyed organic poll dorset 4 ply wool, from an organically certified flock raised in France, combed and spun to a fine 4/14 for use as 4 ply / fingering weight yarn.

Springy and strong, with a light lustre and bags of versatility. Being worsted spun Troubadour organic Poll Dorset holds its form firmly, great for textured knitting as well as socks and baby garments. L'ombre is naturally dyed with oak bark, madder and woad.

100 g is approximately 352 m, i.e. 3.53 oz is approximately 384 yards.

We recommend that you use 2.00 m - 3.75 m (US 1 - 5) knitting needles depending on the project undertaken.

Machine wash either cold or handwash at 30ºC, wash dark colours separately for a while. This wool is not superwash however it does not felt too easily.