Rainbow Jasper by Kieran Foley - Without pattern

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From Kieran Foley - a lightweight lace shawl inspired by the folded layers of color in Rainbow Jasper stone: “During this rock formation patterns arise in sediment or volcanic ash; the original materials are often fractured or distorted, and filled in with other colorful minerals” (from Wikipedia). In the pattern the layers & rifts in the stone are suggested by frequent color changes and clusters of increases and decreases.

Techniques include lace stitches, stacked decreases and splicing.

Knit on 4mm/US6 needles with 1340yds/1225m of naturally dyed lace weight lambswool yarn from Renaissance Dyeing. The colours are mainly from the Elizabethan range, dyed with madder, woad, weld, oak and cochineal.

  • Dimensions: approximately 72.5in/184cm long by 25in/63cm wide

  • Gauge: approximately 20 sts and 15 rows = 4ins/10cm in stocking stitch

  • The kit consists of

Renaissance Dyeing naturally dyed lace-weight lambs wool

  • 100m Grey
  • 125m Blue
  • 250m Green:
  • 75m Yellow:
  • 200m Orange:
  • 250m Deep Pink:
  • 100m Pink:
  • 125m Gold:

You can buy the pattern direct on Kieran Foley's web-site.

Colour substitutions are available, this will be in 2 x 250m hanks and the rest will be in multiples of 25m skeins. The price will be slightly higher. Our contact page-