Beautiful embroidery from northern Italy using our naturally dyed wool

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Ricamo Bandera di Chieri pattern

Towards the end of last year we had several enquiries from people seeking an alternative thread to DMC Medici, which had ceased to be available. L'associazione Amici Del Ricamo Bandera di Chieri Torino was one of these and here are pictures of their first work produced with Renaissance Dyeing naturally dyed crewel wool.

It has been made by Anna Ghigo Merlassion the president of the Association.

L'associazione Amici Del Ricamo Bandera di Chieri was founded on September 1999 in order to safeguard and promote the traditional Piedmontese embroidery handicraft which was used to decorate the local cloth, Bandera, which has been in production since the 14th century. Their site is well worth a visit if you wish to learn about this ancient Italian craft. Try this link to find out about the history of Gualdo or Woad in this ancient textile area. There are 2 nice photos of a grinding mill and a drying barn.

Ricamo Bandera di Chieri pattern

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