Lace Knitting with naturally hand-dyed yarn

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I thought that today, being Bastille day here in France, would be perfect to launch the lace knitting page. Yes, Renaissance naturally hand-dyed crewel wool has been discovered by the lace knitters!

Young American knitting designer Miriam Felton has been busy adapting her impressive Mountain Peaks design to be knitted with Renaissance wool. You can view and buy the pattern here. The shawl below is knitted using 3 x 250m hanks of Dark Green (1511). The pattern for the shawl is inspired by the magnificent Rocky Mountains where Miriam lives.

Miriam wearing shawl

This is what Miriam has to say about our naturally hand-dyed wool.

"I cannot say enough good things about this yarn! It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL to work with, and it was MUCH stronger than I would have expected from such a fine wool."

Miriam has a few more Renaissance designs in the pipe line, the next being a multi-coloured scarf.

Sharon Miller, who also has future plans to design with our wool, tried out our yarn back in the Spring and this is what she had to say about it.

"Thank you very much for letting me trial this yarn for you - it is an excellent yarn, strong and soft, and it blocks very well for lace work. I love the range of colours you use, they are truly beautiful, soft elegant colours, the mixes too give a pretty effect."

Now you can knit those ever increasing layers in different shades of authentic madder, indigo and weld.

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