Our naturally dyed yarns ready for Harrogate textile show

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Here in Le Fort, which is the tiny part of our village once occupied by a Roman fort, the shared washing line has been given up for Renaissance Dyeing's naturally dyed wool, wash pegs have been lent and photographs taken.

Washing for Harrogate

In a day or two we will wind it into skeins and hanks. Wool, silk, cotton, cashmere, merino, local organic 4-ply; some will be bagged into co-ordinated kits, some will be left loose so that at Harrogate you can order lengths to suit yourselves.

In a few weeks or months it will be all over the world used in embroideries, tapestries, knitting, weaving and all the myriads of creative uses you invent.

But today it is basking in the late autumn sun.

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Racaire le 4 sep. 2007 12:46:40

Beautiful colours and very nice landscape!! :)


Pamela le 20 déc. 2007 21:36:36

Your colors are so vibrant and beautiful! My first step will be to visit one of the shops that carry your yarns, then, I know I will be converted forever.I appreciate sharing your skills and love of color through the web and just knowing that artisans still do such beautiful work is inspiring. Pamela


Andie le 21 déc. 2007 06:07:11

Hello Pamela,

Thank you for your comments, which also inspire. I do love dyeing and colour, so it is a way of life really. I also love seeing what others do with my wool and threads.

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