Margaret and David Redpath

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Some of you may have noticed that I was away from the dye-house in October. I was in Marlborough, England where I met with David and Margaret Redpath. It was so lovely to see them again and even in a short lunch time meeting there was so much to glean from their vast knowledge of natural dyeing.

After lunch we met with Susan Pearson of the Merchant's House in Marlborough with whom we had come to discuss the natural dyeing of wool for their 12 sixteenth century chairs that are being renovated by a group of volunteer embroiderers.

Here is a snap I took of David in the room where the 12 chairs will finally stand, some of the chairs can be seen behind him. I am afraid that I didn't manage to take a clear photo of Margaret but she is well and as busy as ever.

David Redpath

The embroiderers have already started with wool naturally dyed by the Redpaths, this piece which is worked in "turkeywork: is ready for the loops to be cut and then it will be handed on to the upholsterer to cover one of the carvers. There is another 30 kg of carefully selected wool to be dyed in 9 shades using, madder, fustic, indigo, weld and oakbark.

Chair Canvas

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