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I thought you would like to see what Jane Dew and the Staircase Stitchers have been doing with Renaissance Dyeing's naturally dyed crewel wool.

I have made the images as large as possible so you can have a good look. The work is truly inspiring. Do feel free to leave your comments below and I will pass them on to Jane and the Staircase Stitchers.

The Curtain on the Frame

This is view from the bottom of the curtain stretched on the frame. The hills at the bottom and the main tree trunks are stitched straight on to the curtain fabric while it is stretched on the huge frame. The motives above are painstakingly stitched by hand by the Staircase Stitcher volunteers and then carefully sewn on to the main curtain.

Flora and Fauna

Some beautifully stylised flora and fauna.

A Branch

A closer view of a branch and leaves.

Madder Leaves

The reds are dyed with Madder and the green with Weld and Indigo.

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Anita Curley

Anita Curley le 3 mars 2008 23:50:04

I'm awed by the work and the colours, I feel very much a novice after seeing such beautiful work.

Thank you!


Andie le 4 mars 2008 12:32:42

Hello Anita,

Thank you for your comment. I must say I am very proud of what the Staircase Stitchers, under Jane's guidance, are doing. To see my naturally dyed threads used like this is very rewarding. I will pass on your comment to Jane and the Stitcher.

Debbie Hotchkiss

Debbie Hotchkiss le 10 juil. 2008 11:53:31

What are they replicating? Its wonderful!

Irene Dunn

Irene Dunn le 11 juil. 2008 14:18:56

Absolutely lovely. I would start to do crewel work but I'm kept so busy making samplers. Beautiful work


Andie le 1 sep. 2008 07:16:06

Hello Debbie and Iren,

Jane reports that there are now so many "Stitchers" that they now have all kinds of projects on the go. As well as the curtains they are working on the bedcover and lots of different cushion and pillow covers. Jane is very proud of the Stitchers and their work.
Your samplers are so lovley Irene, it would be a pity if you stopped doing them. Perhaps you could start a sampler group?

Monique Durham

Monique Durham le 9 juin 2009 03:24:27

What a beautiful piece!!! and the colors..

Dave Bishop

Dave Bishop le 8 oct. 2009 12:40:03

Good to see you are continuing your excellent skills. It's many a long year since I helped you with sewing for the BBC! The piece here is utterly superb - if only I could persuade my wife to sew too....!

Joan And Ron Marshall

Joan And Ron Marshall le 10 oct. 2009 10:46:27

We were fortunate and privileged to meet Jane Dew and her friend Mary last week on holiday. It was very interesting to hear from her what she did, but it was put into perspective to see and read about the work at Staircase House. How very rewarding to be involved in such a wonderful project.

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