Three new shades in our natural dye extract range

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Our natural dye extract range is soon to be enlarged by three new shades: Mulberry, Cochineal and Valonia Oak. They will be up on the website as soon as they arrive in a day or two. Meanwhile here are a few photographs of my samples and experiments. Please feel free to leave any comments below.

Silk and Wool Samples

A Selection of silk and wool threads dyed with Mulberry Dye Extract. Underneath is a silk hanky which will be exciting to spin and at the top is a pair of socks that I cold mordanted with alum and then painted with mulberry and cochineal extracts.

Sock Dyeing with Mulberry

Sock Dyeing in progress. You can see here that the Mulberry will dye to quite a dark shade.

Mulberry Printing on Linen

Printing pre-mordanted linen with Mulberry Dye extract.

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