Knitting competition update

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Lots of you have joined the Ravelry Group, but many of you are not members of Ravelry so I have created our very own Yahoo Renaissance Dyeing Knitting Competition Group Just click the link to join.

You do not need to be taking part in the competition to join, you just need to have a lively interest. Perhaps you want to see how people approach these sort of things before you take the plunge next year.

Graphics will be coming soon!

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Renaissance dyeing knitting competition 2008

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For those of you on Rss Feed this is to let you know that the search is on for the three top Renaissance Dyeing Designers of 2008.

Competition Badge

You will also find: Renaissance Dyeing Design, a group on Ravelry.

There are three categories to go for: lace, non-lace and anything knitted with 5 skeins.

The three winning designers will:

  • Receive a cash prize of $100 or the equivalent in their own currencies.
  • Their designs will be made available as a PDF on the Renaissance Dyeing web-site.
  • They will receive 90% of the revenue from all patterns sold.
  • They will retain their ...

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