The Sock Yarn Collection is Gathering Pace

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Our naturally dyed sock collection is gathering pace with the addition of two new colours Linden and Rosé. You can see our new sock range here. Both are in the Rêve range, a blend of merino, silk, bamboo and nylon.

Rêve Rosé after tying for the woad vat

The yarn is first wound into 100 g hanks. Then it is washed and mordanted with alum. Before it is dry it is shibori tied and then dyed in cochineal. During the dyeing process new ties were added to vary the cochineal colour. On emerging from the dye vat each hank already had its own distinctive colouring. The ties were then removed and the yarn was again washed and tied anew. The photographs show Rêve Rosé at this the stage. The next step was to give the yarn successive dips in the woad vat, adding and subtracting ties at random, resulting in a batch of unique but matching very hand-dyed naturally-dyed sock yarn!

Rêve Rosé

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