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Renaissance Dyeing is a sponsor for this months Cookie A, Sock Innovation, Knit-a-long (Kal)

For the month of December (2009) We will be offering a 10% discount for anyone in the Ravelry, Sock Innovation Group.

The prize we are offering for the winner of the Kal is NOT a hank of our naturally plant dyed BFL sock wool but a Natural Dyed Sock Kit.

The winner will receive full instructions on how to use it, which is the equivalent of spending a day here in one of my workshops, without the French bit, unfortunately.

Just to show it is not a messy studio based process, I have dyed the yarn below on my kitchen worktop.

Yarn for Cookie A Kal

I know it is Logwood and Persian Berries again, the thing is I haven't quite finished exploring the myriads of shades achievable with just these two dyes. Not only that, I will be using it to enter the Kal myself, perhaps I will win a prize!

To claim your 10% discount you just need to enter the words Cookie A, PLUS your Ravelry user name - you have to be a member of the Ravelry - Cookie A - Sock Innovation Group - in the message box on Paypal and we will refund you 10% of the value of ANY wool you buy from us in December.

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