Knitting kits designed by Mary Lena Lynx

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For those of you inspired to get out your needlework by the work of the Staircase Stitchers mentioned in the last newsletter, you might like to look further for inspiration and guidance from Mary Corbet, that great ambassadress of fine needlework. Mary writes a daily blog on her site: where she shares her vast experience in all types of embroidery. There you will find over 50 video stitch tutorials, a tips and techniques section - take a look at this church embroidery project, a large selection of free hand embroidery patterns, a section on embroidery books and one ...

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There is something blue in the woodshed

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Le Rentrée all over France is a time when the outdoor life is coming to a close and people start to settle back in their houses., children return to school, trailers of wood labour towards barns and the bureaucrats answer their telephones again. That is all of course if they are not on strike!

In the Ariège and all along the Pyrenées it is also the time of the transhumance, when the grazing animals are brought down from the high mountain pastures to their winter homes beside the farms. The village next to ours celebrates this event with a grand ...

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Kate Wallace - Designer for Knitnation

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First I would like to share with you the latest news from the Staircase Stitchers.. it sounds exciting.. here is what Jane Dew has to say," After five inspiring years, of the Staircase Stitchers', 13 projects are rapidly being completed, two bed hangings are up, one more completed and three on frames! Glorious needlepoint cushion covers, both entirely needlepoint and four with "slips" are ready for making up and the dowry cupboard carpet in petit point is well over half done. It is all truly AMAZING!!

When I have time, after finishing making the bespoke feather cushions and the the ...

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