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Not many wool collections nowadays can boast that the shepherdess and the wool spinner can be seen in the same photograph, but here they are, Sheila the Shepherdess of the Organic Poll Dorset Flock and Carmine from Biella, The Wool Company, caught on camera at the historic moment of the loading of the last bale.

Loading of the last bale

A big THANK YOU to Nigel and Carmine of Biella the Wool Company for taking the time and milage to go and collect the wool. THAT is customer service for you! And of course thanks to Pete for driving the front loader! Last but not least Thank You Sheila, for managing your wonderful flock of Poll Dorsets so organically.

And here is the carefully raised organic flock that supplied all that wool.. a whole tonne! Thank you too, may your lives be full of sunshine, rain and lots of grass.

Flock of poll dorset sheep

The wool is already in the queue at the mill to be washed and combed into tops, it will take a while as the the mill is becoming increasingly busy as wool is becoming more popular. Hurrah! After being carefully sorted the wool is washed using a traditional wool washing system and biological and biodegradeable detergents, made form sustainable sources such as coconut oil. it is then combed so that it can be worsted spun to give it strength as well as softness. It is because of this spinning method that the wool holds its form so well. The wool is NOT treated to be superwash but it doesn't felt easily, I have no problems whatever vat dyeing it and it does not show any sign of felting when put through a cold machine wash.

A tonne of wool is going to produce a lot of yarn, so I will be able to offer some at a wholesale price, with minimum orders of 10 kg. I still have a bit left from the last spin, you can buy a 25 gm hank here. If you would like to see a sample and I will be taking some to the shows mentioned below.

We will be attending 3 shows this year and the first two are coming up fast!

The first is LE LOT ET LA LAINE FESTIVAL, which is next weekend 9th and 10th July. I am looking forward to meeting lots of natural dyers and improving my French. This is actually in the same department we live in, in France, what a luxury. It is being held at the outdoor museum in Cuzals.

The weekend after that will see us at KNITNATION in London, not only will there be lots of wool to see, touch and buy but also a host of world class knitting teachers to show you how to use it. Knitnation is once more being held at Imperial College right next to the V & A.

In October we are once more setting off across France to THE French wool festival at FELLETIN. This time we will be taking our embroidery wool as well, as Felletin is in tapestry country, being right next to Aubusson.

We hope to meet you at one of these events.

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Monique le 8 juil. 2011 10:14:34

Interesting latest news. Wish I could attend all the festivals.
Andie, did you move?

Mary Corbet

Mary Corbet le 12 juil. 2011 10:16:13

Hi, Andy!! My, you've been busy!!

I just LOVE the photo of the sheep. It's gorgeous!

Best wishes and good luck at the shows!

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