A Kaleidoscope of new kits and patterns

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As you can see we have been busy almost non-stop all through the winter. We have been dyeing, winding and packing the new spin of organic Poll Dorset for kits for the designers' new patterns. Mary-Lena, always mindful of the dyer, used the wool from Kate Wallace's Roman de la Rose socks to create Ingrid's Swedish Beanie and Mitts which has kept many of you busy.

Ingrid's Swedish Beanie and Mitts

Kate Davis of Needled was very industrious designing two original circular pieces, the Funchal Moebius and Hazelhurst, both have proved great hits. More recently to celebrate the launch of the French web-site we have collaborated with Cécile Balladino aka Eclectic Gipsyland to provide kits for her Kaleidoscope throw which was featured in this months Marie-Claire Idées.

All in all we have been rather too busy to keep in contact with you all. I hope that with the new web-site and blog format, provided by Simon I will find it easier to keep you up to date with happenings chez Renaissance Dyeing.

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