Colourful foot work

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While we are sweltering in the heat that the summer has finally offered us, down-under in New Zealand designer Kate Wallace is enjoying herself by the fireside creating excitingly original naturally dyed accessories for us to knit in preparation for the woolly season ahead. We can titillate our toes and heads with the bright and appealing colourwork of the Frivolitée sock kit and Frovolitée beret kit. Let your knitting fingers create in the long gypsy tradition of colour and lace and your toes will tap out their thanks. The frill on both these and the Impudence socks can easily be omitted if wished.

Colourful foot work

The Impudence sock kit is worked in a warm and snug slip stitch patten which blends and melds the three weld and indigo dyed colours giving these interesting socks an air of Bohus.

The dye house at present is very busy, not only dyeing the wool for these sock kits but also for the other knitting and crochet kits that we have in the pipeline for you this season. Marylene Lynx who designed the Bohemian Rhapsody has swapped the crochet hook for knitting needles to bring us a few surprises this autumn. Have a little peek. Cécile Balladino is also busy with her hook and many shades of Poll Dorset, but more of that later!

In a few months time we will be moving both house and workshop. This has been a difficult decision as we love it here so much but we have managed to find an old fermette with two barns to house the expanding atelier. It is only 19 km east of here and still in the Ariege, so we are very lucky to have found it. Meanwhile with all the new kits coming out and crewel embroidery kits also planned we are very busy so please forgive the lack of updates.

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Mita le 27 juil. 2012 16:15:16

on attend les nouveautés avec impatience ! ce nouveau béret est superbe, j'adore ce rose ! il me manque un peu d'anglais pour le faire .....

Catherine Wallace

Catherine Wallace le 28 juil. 2012 01:33:51

That's very nice, Mita. A French translation is coming soon.

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