Cherry Coloured Twist

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The new batch of Blue-faced Leicester has now been mordanted and cured so it is dyeing time. First on the list is the Cherry Coloured Twist. Once dyed, washed and given an initial rinse it needs lots of extra rinsing to get rid of the fine ground cochineal particles that stick to the wool. This is usually done winter and summer in the river at the bottom of the hill. We are very lucky to have this river at the bottom of our hot and dusty hill, in January Adriaan rinses the wool here, but in heatwaves Fleur and I don't mind doing it either!

Le nouveau lot de Blue-faced Leicester a été mordancé et guérie et il est temps de teinture. Première sur la liste est le Cherry Coloured Twist. Une fois teints, lavés et donné un rinçage initial qu'il a besoin de beaucoup de rinçage supplémentaire pour obtenir débarrasser des particules fines du cochenille qui collent à la laine. Cela se fait habituellement l'hiver et l'été dans la rivière au bas de la colline. Nous sommes très chanceux d'avoir cette rivière au fond de notre colline chaud et poussiéreux, en Janvier Adriaan rince la laine ici, mais dans la chaleur intense il ne me dérange pas le faire non plus avec Fleur!

There is a weir which is perfect for rinsing cochineal and any other naturally dyed wool that might otherwise bleed.

Fleur is always a little wary in this part of the river as one foxy day she had an unpleasant encounter with a bottle of shampoo here and although most of her looks like a Collie her memory is elephant sized.

Then it is up the hill into the prickly heat again to give the wool a final rinse and dry.

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Kate Kilgour

Kate Kilgour le 22 août 2012 08:47:56

It looks absolutely lovely there. Some of that extra heat could be wafted our way if you really don't want it.


Andie le 22 août 2012 08:53:07

We will manage with the heat, especially as the wool is now dry after one day. I hope it warms up a bit chez vous.


TRACY SAVAGE le 22 août 2012 12:23:06

Isn't it hot? I was over last week but I had to leave early as I can no longer tolerate such heat! I really hope to see you both again one day though.


Irene Dunn

Irene Dunn le 22 août 2012 16:02:04

Hello Andie,
Isn't Fleur lovely! And I love the sound of 'cherry coloured twist' It sounds mouthwatering.


Andie le 22 août 2012 20:31:45

Fleur is indeed a lovely dog, so patient with her human sheep and very conscientious in her guarding of them.
Cheery Coloured Twist is named after the missing thread from Beatrix Potter's Tailor of Gloucester. So last week we really had 'no more Cherry Coloured Twist,' I didn't need the mice to tell me though.

Irene Dunn

Irene Dunn le 23 août 2012 19:36:50

Hello Andie,
Of course 'The Tailor of Gloucester' !

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