Les billets pour l'AEF / Tickets for AEF

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Nous avons des billets à donner pour L'Aiguille en Fête en Février 6-9.

5 pour 2 personnes pour vendredi soir.

9 pour une personne seule à venir sur une journée de leur choix.

Pour participer au tirage pour les billets nous donnent une rétroaction dans les commentaires de ce blog. Qu'aimez-vous de Renaissance Dyeing. Qu'est-ce que vous n'aimez pas? De quoi voulez-vous avoir plus? Si vous voulez laisser la rétroaction de toute façon, mais ne voulez pas participer au tirage, écrivez pas de tirage sur votre commentaire.

Venez nous voir sur le stand G10.1

We ...

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At Lauris we met our neighbour and guardian angel. Notre voisin et ange gardien. Frederika von Maltzahn

Les couleurs magiques de / The magic colours of Magli Bontoux

The astonishing felt of Elisabeth Berthon Morse Felt Studio. Look at that eco-printing!

L'étonnante feutre de Elisabeth Berthon. Regardez cette éco-impression.

Dans l'exposition, cette charmante pièce de l'éco-impression et la broderie par [Fabienne Dorsman-Rey] (https://www.facebook.com/FabienneRey).

In the exhibition this delightful piece of eco-printing and embroidery by Fabienne Dorsman-Rey.

Et le talentueux et humble M Bernard Oriol qui tisse en la laine et de la soie la ...

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The Pettinengo Blues

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Pettinengo is a village in the hills above Biella in northern Italy, it has narrow lanes, deer in the streets, lots of noisy people and a beautiful community venture in the peaceful Villa Piazzo. This is where The Wool Box Indigo week-end took place.

I had great fun introducing 10 or so Italian ladies to the joys of dyeing with the organic sugar indigo vat.

Some of the ingredients

Winding LOTS of wool into skeins

We dyed woollen skeins and tops with weld into two depths of yellow and then dipped them into the bio-indigo bath.

That magic moment when ...

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Natural Dyeing course in Italy

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I have just returned and am still glowing from the natural dyeing course I was asked to give at the parco della villa Piazzo Pettinengo, near Biella, Italy by The Wool Box. I love Italy and especially this northern corner where my wool is so expertly spun. This workshop experience was good I think for everybody, the organisation was eager and friendly and deliciously Italian, the venue and organic food were superb and everyone involved, organisers, staff and students were warm, interested and relaxed as only Italians (and some from England) can be. AND the sun shone for us for ...

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Ann's Barn + Dyeing courses

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As far as news goes, I am not sure where to start. No doubt the most significant happening for Renaissance Dyeing in April was that Ann the winner of the Great British Sewing Bee wore the Bohemian Rhapsody to the studio on week 3. You can see her wearing it here between 2 - 4 minutes into the video. It is wonderful to see the scarf being worn by such a competent needle woman. Although the scarf was not mentioned there are a lot of you who seemed to have known it and decided to make one for yourselves.

Which brings ...

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We are getting there, slowly

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I am not sure, if the term ' we are getting there' is a euphemism for it is complete chaos, but we seem to swing between the two as we continue our transformation of this old Ariegoise farm house into a artisanal dye house. As I am writing the roof of the wool winding room is coming off.

Here is a before picture, pretty isn't it but as a roof it doesn't work.

Here is the moment a few minutes ago when Adriaan moved a nest with three eggs to a safer venue, from there the chicks will be ...

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From Montbel to Paris

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It has been all go here hence the lack of Newsletters. We have moved house and been to l'Aigilles en Fête salon in Paris, It only takes one little sentence to write it but it seemed a lot more at the time! The new house is only 20 km away from the old one where Tee and Simon now live. The new dye-house is still in need of floors, windows, electricity and water, so I will be commuting to the old dye house for a month or so. Woad dyeing of the Poll Dorset will be the first in ...

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