We are getting there, slowly

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I am not sure, if the term ' we are getting there' is a euphemism for it is complete chaos, but we seem to swing between the two as we continue our transformation of this old Ariegoise farm house into a artisanal dye house. As I am writing the roof of the wool winding room is coming off.

Here is a before picture, pretty isn't it but as a roof it doesn't work.

Here is the moment a few minutes ago when Adriaan moved a nest with three eggs to a safer venue, from there the chicks will be able to see the snow-capped mountains.

We have cleared a space at the back for the wood-fired mordanting vat which Adriaan and Simon tend like a pair of badge-seeking scouts. Alas it won't have the shade of the cherry tree in its new home.

Over Easter we had 3 pairs of extra helping hands, in the shape of a daughter and two mischievous grand-daughters who did a lot of work outside and helped us to bid farewell to the Bohemian Rhapsody which was once more on its way back to Marylene who kindly lent it to me for L'Aiguilles en Fête. I now have exactly 12 weeks to finish my version for Le Lot and La Laine on the weekend of July 14th!

We did manage a bit of relaxation and were rewarded on one of our walks by this wonderful orchid, I think it is a orphrys catalaunica, but they are usually pink, Anyone any ideas?

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Joni Black

Joni Black le 15 avr. 2013 21:40:41

Hi Andie, Looks like quite a project you have taken on but it will be so nice when you have it the way you want. I just loved the old roof! I wish you much success with your new venue. I love the Bohemian Rhapsody - it is gorgeous using all your colours. I think I may have to buy a kit to make one. I have a weakness for multicoloured shawls. Joni

Kate Wallace

Kate Wallace le 16 avr. 2013 02:06:48

It does look like a lovely roof, Andie. What are you replacing it with? Or are you going to re-use the tiles?
Cherry trees grow surprisingly fast. Plant one now and see.


Jess le 16 avr. 2013 12:58:20

That's a big job to conquer! Looking good though! Wishing you well and lots of happy moments on your new spot of earth :)

Monique Boonstra

Monique Boonstra le 25 avr. 2013 20:53:25

Oh my, it's truly like one of those programmes on tv!
Gorgeous setting, old house, rebuilding. Weather that is making trouble...
I hope that everythings works out and will end up like you wanted.


jean le 19 oct. 2013 15:43:02

hey hoy hi!!! Andie!
wow what a barn!!!
love form here, in lido di camaiore, italy

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