The Pettinengo Blues

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Pettinengo is a village in the hills above Biella in northern Italy, it has narrow lanes, deer in the streets, lots of noisy people and a beautiful community venture in the peaceful Villa Piazzo. This is where The Wool Box Indigo week-end took place.

I had great fun introducing 10 or so Italian ladies to the joys of dyeing with the organic sugar indigo vat.

Some of the ingredients

Winding LOTS of wool into skeins

We dyed woollen skeins and tops with weld into two depths of yellow and then dipped them into the bio-indigo bath.

That magic moment when white turns to yellow and then to blue.

And yet darker blue. Sometimes you need a helping hand to make sure there are not lots of drips taking air into the vat.

Hand spun Jacobs wool and the hand that spun and dyed it.

A range of blues, turquoises and greens airing.

The aerated vat at the end of the day. We could have added vinegar to neutralise it and then have poured it harmlessly down the drain but instead we left it for Marina who had looked after us so very well.

Thank you all our Italian friends. It was great fun

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Marianne van der Tas

Marianne van der Tas le 12 sep. 2013 20:15:34

Magic colourful moments in an idealic setting!
Well done Andy for getting this together!


susanna le 23 sep. 2013 11:18:43

Dear Andie
thanks for teaching us all your dyeing secrets and most of all the passion for the secrets of life and for your work. Hope to see you soon again, in Italy or everywhere.


Andie le 23 sep. 2013 15:46:40

Dear Susanna,
I REALLY enjoy working with you all in Italy. You are all so enthusiastic and wanting to get your hands in the vats.
I hope I have been able to help you realise your dream of also becoming a natural dyer. Please let me know how you are getting on from time to time. Ciao

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