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I am very grateful to the anonymous lady at Le Lot et la Laine who suggested I go talk to Hélène Marcy / EclatduSoleil about collaborating on shawl patterns. I'd like you to know that you were right, we do go well together. Hélène managed to wrest herself away from the busy stall she was sharing with fellow designer Annette Petavy and came over for a chat. She bought a lot of lace wool, reds, purples and blues. I don't remember the Poll Dorset, but she must have loaded herself up with that too and voila we already have two shawls ready for AEF.

Passionnément Rouge

Is a shawl in a traditional Shetland style but not only is it RED and purple but it is constructed in a modern way whereby it is knitted in one piece.

It can be worn in many different ways. The lace border is delightful and totally wowed my local knitting group.

Asymétrie Pastel

Is a multi coloured triangular shawl knitted sideways using the Baktus principle. It has a clean appealing lace border and an i-cord at the top edge to hide the colour changes.

I am sure everyone will join with me in a warm welcome and thank you to Hélène and Odile.

Their kits and patterns will be up on the web-site soon after we return from AEF if not before.

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