Solar Dyeing

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There are many differnt ways of solar dyeing. Here is my particular Whit Sunday version:

Il ya plusieurs façons de teinture solaire. Voici ma version particulière de la Pentecôte:

Indulge in a vide greniers or car-boot sale. There you will find that the world is indeed full of many tongues and that it is communicative, kind and friendly.

Offrez-vous une vide greniers. Il vous verrez que le monde est en effet pleine de nombreuses langues et qu'il est communicatif, chaleureux et sympathique.

Beetle home with your chosen bottling jars, these are 1.5l. The rubber seals are important as ...

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La Toison d'Art 2014

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Renaissance Dyeing is now a member of the La Toison D'Art. An association of artisans and wool producers.

Renaissance Dyeing est maintenant un membre de La Toison D'Art. Une association d'artisans et de producteurs de laine.

We are SO looking forward to joining this roaming market to meet you and other wool artisans as well as some of the most picturesque villages in eastern France.

Nous sommes très impatients de rejoindre ce marché de l'itinérance. de vous rencontrer et d'autres artisans de la laine. Ainsi que quelques-uns des villages les plus pittoresques est de la ...

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12 skeins of lace-weight yarn

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The images of the 12 skein projects are beginning to arrive.

Les images des projets des 12 écheveaux commencent à arriver.

A crocheted piece from Isabel Seitz which looks as though it might be going to get bigger!

A very colourful crochet scarf.

A charming and very colourful bag by Viviane Deroover in Tunisian and normal crochet using 18 skeins.

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April News Letter

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As summer tentatively approaches we are beginning to get into some serious natural dyeing here at Renaissance Dyeing. The dryer weather means that the wood fired mordant vat can be used more often and the bigger out-side indigo and woad vat. So Adriaan is busy winding and mordanting and I am trying to get the wool dyed as fast as he can mordant it. We are dyeing lots as we are hoping to be at some French wool markets this summer, but more of that in the next newsletter.

Adriaan est occupé avec mordançage de la laine et j'essaie ...

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Let's have fun: The 12 - 18 skein project

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As you have probably read in our newsletter we had a lot of people asking at L'Aiguille en Fête what could be done with 12 skeins of our lace / crewel wool.

Andie is busy with her crochet hook at the moment but we thought it might be nice to throw the question open to you embroiderers, knitters and crocheters.

So what can YOU do with 12 or 18 of our 25m skeins?

For those wishing to participate and also for those that couldn't come to L'Aiguille en Fête we will make two on-line packages:

  • one of 12 ...

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Two more new kits

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I am very grateful to the anonymous lady at Le Lot et la Laine who suggested I go talk to Hélène Marcy / EclatduSoleil about collaborating on shawl patterns. I'd like you to know that you were right, we do go well together. Hélène managed to wrest herself away from the busy stall she was sharing with fellow designer Annette Petavy and came over for a chat. She bought a lot of lace wool, reds, purples and blues. I don't remember the Poll Dorset, but she must have loaded herself up with that too and voila we already have ...

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Les réponses / Your questions answered

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Oui, nous serons apportons 250m écheveaux de laine à crewel/ laine de dentelle cette année. Dans tous les 100 couleurs ainsi que quelques pastel teint.

Yes, we will be bring 250m hanks of crewel/ lace-wool this year. In all 100 colours plus some woad dyed.

Vous aurez un meilleur accès aux 25 m écheveaux aussi en 100 couleurs ainsi que quelques pastel. Vous n'aurez pas à s'asseoir sur le sol cette année!

We will have better access for you to the 25 m skeins also in 100 colours plus some woad. You won't have to sit on ...

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L'aiguille en Fête -1

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Only a few more frantic days of packing and we will be there. This is the first of 3 blogs letting you know what we will be taking.

Bientôt, nous serons là à AEF. C'est la première des 3 blogs laisser vous savez ce que nous allons prendre. __

Some new knitting kits / Nouveaux kits à tricoter:

Camille by Marylene Lynx / Camille par Marylene Lynx

A symmetrical triangular shawl in 3 different textures, ribbing, striped stocking stitch and cabled lace. and 4 different naturally dyed colours: green, purple, light blue and grey in soft draping Blue-faced Leicester 100% wool ...

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Les gagnants des billets AEF / AEF ticket winners

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Il y avait 47 commentaires en tout. Certaines personnes ont laissé des commentaires sur le bulletin lui-même, mais nous les avons trouvés! Le tirage au sort est terminé. Les gagnants des billets d'un jour étaient les suivants: Caroline, Françoise (fanfan), Marie-Christine Levieuge-Henry, Odile B et Corinne.

J'ai tiré les gens pour les billets du vendredi soir, peut-être que vous ne voulez pas, mais je vais vous envoyer un email en leur offrant tout de même.

Je vous contacterai tous par e-mail afin que vous puissiez envoyer votre adresse postale.

Je vous remercie tous beaucoup pour vous commentaires. J ...

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