A Recipe of Earth's Colours

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That the earth can produce such colours still amazes me after so many years. These colours have been produced by just a few plants.

  • Weld for the basic yellows and the foundation of the greens and turquoises.

  • Madder for the terracottas and browns.

  • The insect cochineal for the pink that is the first layer of the purple.

  • Finally indigo to transform the yellows and pink into turquoise, green and purple.

  • A few grams of alum, cream of tartar and iron and you have a rainbow.

  • Mineral, plant, animal and man or in my case woman.

  • Earth, water, fire and air.

  • and gratitude.

P.S These hanks are now on their way across the skies to a designer who will work them into an earth embracing shawl.

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