Natural dye workshop 2015

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So much to share, lots of pics, so here are a few of the daily highlights.

Winding and tying all that WHITE yarn.

First colour from the all-in-one Madder bath.

Some of the fruits of day 2 - Weld and Cochineal

Wednesday was Woad Day.

Weld and Indigo make green or turquoise.

Working those Madder bags...

....makes bright red maddered wool.

Gunilla brought along her amazing felted kimono for us to see.

Indigo diving!

Logwood wool cooling in its liquor.

Not much white wool left!

Decorating the washing line!

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GAUD le 13 sep. 2015 20:12:46

I am very happy to receive your letter. Wonderfull color. It's réal l'y a pleasure knitting on the evening.
I want to participante!

Sharon Southey

Sharon Southey le 13 sep. 2015 22:21:04

Loving the pictures!
I purchased the bohemian rhapsody scarf from you, yet to be started, just love looking at the beautiful colours.
Fantastic you are going to be at Alexandra palace.

Margaret Andrews

Margaret Andrews le 14 sep. 2015 05:00:41

Have fun in London. The colors of the yarns are just vibrant.

Rita Dierckx

Rita Dierckx le 14 sep. 2015 07:10:53

I love your dyeing and hope I can enjoy a course of yours once. Maybe I'll see you in october. Enjoy what you're doing. It's wonderful.


Nicole le 18 sep. 2015 23:56:20

Love wool dyeing. But still have to learn more about natural dyeing . Hope we can meet one day.

Tarun Modi

Tarun Modi le 25 nov. 2015 06:36:01

They are pretty inspiring events! Such workshops are greatly educating for the participants. They come across the natural dyeing sources and learn a lot. Just great!

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