Les Journées de la Laine Felletin 2016

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Felletin is a yearly gathering of wool enthusiasts in the Creuse, the heart of France. This was its 17th year and they attacked the organisation with gusto not only enlarging the exhibition space but also extending the time of the market to include Friday afternoon. The result was a friendly event where one had more time and space to look around and meet and chat to fellow woolers.

There were more natural dyers than ever this year, Vive la révolution.

Some pics:

It was lovely for us and our customers that designer Hélène Marcy came from Toulouse to help us out again. She brought with her the wonderful Fall in Creuse that was inspired bu last years autumn colours in the woods around Felletin

Always my first port of call: Graine de Vie where I stocked up on genista tinctoria - Dyers Greenweed, among other things, for the dye garden.

Annette Petavy was swamped on her first visit to Felletin, no wonder, look at those designs and yarns!

Charlotte of Myroboloan had a new yarn to share and news of a natural dyeing symposium in Brussels next June.

Beatrice of Lillicroche had many interesting patterns plus a fascinating problem. She had progressively darkening turquoise squares on a crocheted throw which at one point made the uniform grey background appear different.. sufficiently so to ruin the appearance of the throw. The question was could the progression of change be controlled to also progressively change the appearance of the background colour! Any ideas?

Pédaler pour la Paixis always worth a visit , so many skills to admire, lovely hand-spun wool not to mention the chance to help out with a fibre related project somewhere.

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Annette le 12 nov. 2016 06:47:11

Lovely article, Andie !


lillicroche le 29 nov. 2016 09:48:50

Thank you for this feed-back! I still don't have the answer to my issue... I'll say... "It's art ;-)" !!

Andie Luijk

Andie Luijk le 29 nov. 2016 10:06:25

Definitely art Lillicroche. It looks really stunning.

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