Hugelkultur - last phase

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The finished wood layer, in total including that under the ground, the pile of mixed rotten and new wood is probably about 80cm high

Next we covered the pile with compost collected from the local recycling centre. We took time to push it down into the gaps so that the pile is as solid as possible and won't collapse too quickly. We hope.

Before putting on the next layer we watered it well as the wood needs moisture to start to ferment.

The final layers of well rotted compost to sustain the first years growth and then a 10cm ...

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New Year 2017 newsletter

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The Autumn was a busy time at Renaissance Dyeing both professionally and personally so no time was found to publish an Autumn Newsletter. For those who are new subscribers, normally you can expect a newsletter at least each season if not more often.

Winter Woad

So what happened in the Autumn? Well among other things

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